Grass Won’t Grow – download

1. Crying My Heart Out
2. Grass Won’t Grow
3. Running
4. All Through The Night
5. Don’t You Say
6. Price You Pay
7. Need You To Love Me
8. Said The Wrong Thing
9. If I Didn’t Love You
10. I Know
11. Finger Swinging

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As one reviewer from Blues Matters Magazine put it – “Notwithstanding a physical resemblance to Eric Clapton, Stevens is every inch a performer in the same mould…this man is totally awesome and worthy of such praise.” Another reviewer from Blues Blast Magazine said this – “Rest assured that Cliff has his own voice, and his laidback vocals and guitar chops are not a re-hash of Clapton’s style.” In short, if you are a fan of old school blues rock and guitar legends like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan & others like them, Cliff Stevens is a must have for your collection.

His songwriting, singing and guitar playing have captured the attention of critics and fans around the world and the smooth delivery and great production of Grass Won’t Grow makes this album the perfect backdrop for a feelgood party weekend or even just an evening sitting over your favorite bottle of whisky.

So click the order button below and get instant access to Cliff Stevens’ latest album, “GRASS WON’T GROW” and discover why as one reviewer from the Montreal Blues Society put it, “grass may not be growing because of the heat radiating off of this CD. You’ll be giving it a fair share of spins.”


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